About Alaró

The bustling town of Alaró is nestled in a peaceful valley on the southern slopes of the Tramuntana Mountain range in Mallorca. Despite being a minor tourist destination Alaró has plenty to offer visitors. The ancient architecture and narrow cobbled streets combine to create a traditional charm that provides a stark contrast to some of the better-known coastal resorts.

Here we provide all the information you need to make the most of a visit to this picturesque Mallorcan town.

History & Culture

Originally believed to be part of an Arab farmstead called Oloron, Alaró’s first recorded history starts with the Catalan conquests of Mallorca in the thirteenth century.

Industry played an important role in the growth of Alaró. The biggest of these for Alaró was the shoe making business. At its height it was home to 30 factories employing more than 2000 people. Today it is still home to the workshop of Tony Mora, who is renowned globally for his handmade cowboy boots.

The shift has moved from manufacturing to property in recent years. Alaró is now home to a big ex-pat community. Spend some time in the large main square enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and al fresco dining and it will be clear why Alaró is so appealing.